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Born 25 years ago under the sign of the Lion, Hadiqa Kiani is a lioness with boundless amounts of energy. Like all good cats she has a personality that is reserved, controlled and yet ambitious and fiery. These are probably some of the very traits that have taken Hadiqa to all her successes in the past few years given her youth and the restraints of working as a solo female singer in Pakistan. Needless to say, beneath the quiet but confident, shy but friendly person lies a mature and focused woman. She is not flighty or whimsical. She knows what she wants. She has a presence and an aura on stage much larger than her actual petite physicality.
Though the media has started following Hadiqa's growth recently, she has been actively aware of the art of music since the death of her father. At the tender, sensitive and receptive age of 3, Hadiqa, along with her siblings was enrolled in a music school by her mother. The idea was to shield them from any psychological imbalances the passing away of their father might have had on their young minds. Little did she know what talent lay within one of her children and that it would becoming a desire that would burn into an undying passion for singing.

"It's in me. It's all the time in my mind, everywhere." [ H A D I Q A ]

Like any other form of art, singing for Hadiqa is a means to axpress her innermost feelings. Hadiqa seems to create a spiritual connection between the lyrics of a song, its melody and herself. It is almost as if she allows herself to be lost in another dimension, as a medium for the woes of lost souls out there using the gentle power of her voice to let in the joyous life giving rays of light that would make melancholic souls smile.

Once in her studio the ritual begins. A ritual that is clearly very private and has an intensity. The lights are switched off, she feels the poetry of the lyrics and as the mood and emotions develop within her, she expresses the event with an eruption of feeling before it is recorded as a song.

Yet, behind all these tones of hope and languorous melodies of dreams lies a role model for women today who have aspirations and ambitions for their tomorrow. To "be tough" applies to everyone regardless of ones gender, Hadiqa strongly believes that one has to prove to oneself whether the chosen path is the right one and then be willing to stand by those convictions.

"One must have a goal in life to look forward to" [ H A D I Q A ]

Music is Hadiqa's first and last goal, a dedication that has not only shown itself in all her career achievements, but also in the fact that she just got married and her belief still remains the same.

Her career achievements range from performing on the sound track to SARGAM for which she won an award, to performing with Junaid Jamshed, Aakash and Fakhr-e-Alam in the first Asian "DREAM TEAM WORLD TOUR 1996" which traveled across England. She had the opportunity to work with Bally Sagoo; performed once again as the first Asian in front of a 16 Million strong audience. Afterwards she worked on two more shows with Bally Sagoo for BBC 2 and ITV before moving to perform in the U.S. Her U.S. tour covered 15 states and a show in Canada too. She has performed in Hong Kong with Bally Sagoo, once again. The list of achievements goes on. The one she is most excited about, thus far, is having signed a 2 year contract with PEPSI as their second only solo female vocalist ever - Gloria Estefan being the first.

With a definitive attraction to the unusual and weird, "artistic" people, like herself, Hadiqa is on her way to making a name for herself and her country internationally. Her "thirst will never end". And she will do it; by aiming high, working hard and climbing slowly. For Hadiqa Kiani, there are "no limits".

Taken from Libas international

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